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Lewiston Ventilation Installation

Faithfully Serving Lewiston, Bangor, and Kittery, Maine

The quality of air your family breathes is incredibly important. At Fresh Air Ventilation Systems, we are convinced that proper air quality and ventilation is key in maintaining the health of your home and family. Serving the areas of Lewiston, Kittery, and Bangor, Maine, we are committed to educating you on common air quality issues and the products we offer. We have provided installation of Venmar ventilators and HRV and ERV air exchangers in Maine for many years and have a reputation for providing excellent service for Lewiston ventilation installation. Call 207-786-9400 for more information today!

We offer the following information about what we do:

Clean Air for Your Family's Health

If you or your family has been suffering from asthma, allergies, chronic winter illness, dizziness, fatigue, or persistent morning headaches, your air quality may be playing a significant role in aggravating these conditions. Air contaminants and pollutants are often trapped in well-insulated homes because they are unable to circulate. This harmful air is breathed continuously, and the above conditions persist or worsen until proper ventilation is installed.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems offers the following services for your home:

  • Installation of new Venmar ventilation system
  • Replacement of existing system
  • Repair of any existing system, regardless of brand
  • Maintenance of any existing system, regardless of brand

We are a family-owned company committed to your satisfaction. After many years of serving the Lewiston community and surrounding areas, we have earned a reputation for providing top quality Venmar ventilation installation and repair. We encourage customer involvement throughout our entire five step process, ensuring that you are satisfied with our work every step of the way. Our customers notice a difference in their homes and are convinced that proper ventilation is key to breathing easier and healthier.

Maine Ventilation Repairs and Maintenance

If you are in need of repair or maintenance for your home's ventilation system, Fresh Air Ventilation Systems may have the solution you need. Feel free to contact us at (207) 786-9400 for more information! We are happy to answer your questions and help you to make an informed decision for your home.

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